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This started as a quest to find some information on the Oakey family for my son Brady Landon. He has the opportunity to travel to Martins Cove this summer, 2013. I wanted him to know about his history and wanted to bring them to life for him to see that real people did these things, real people that suffered far more than he does. And real people that were willing to suffer those terrible trials because of the love they had for their older brother, Jesus Christ. I pray that my family understands and appreciates the things these people did so we could have a better and free life. I for one and so very thankful to them and appreciate them so very much. I have a stronger testimony of the Savior and the Gospel because of them. I hope you can come to love and appreciate what your ancestors did for you. LaDawn Williams Landon The story of the Oakey family begins in Worcestershire, England. Thomas Oakey was born in Eldersfield, Worcestershire Englang on 21 Sep 1813. His wife Ann Collett was born in Gloucester, Glcs., England on 12 Jan 1812. They met and were married on 30 September 1836. Soon after being married they became members in the church of the United Brethren, a breakaway Methodist group. Later Thomas became a preacher for the United Brethren. While preaching one day Thomas stands in one of their meetings to deliver a sermon, a thing which he had done many times, but instead of preaching he startles the congregation by announcing: "No, I haven't the authority. I will never preach again until I have the proper authority given to me." At this time Thomas is 27 years old, he and Ann had 3 children. At this same time some eighty miles to the north, another preacher stands in a religious meeting and startles his congregation with the announcement: "This is the last meeting I will hold with you for some time. The Spirit of the Lord has said to me, 'Go south'." His name is Wilford Woodruff. It is his birthday, and he is 33 years old. Wilford Woodruff records in his Journal: I traveled eighty miles; went into the south of England. As soon as I arrived, I met John Benbow. It was clearly made manifest to me why I had been called thither. I had left a good field, where I was baptizing every night in the week. When I got to this place, I found a people–some 600 of them–who had broken off from the Wesleyan Methodists and formed themselves into a sect called the United Brethren... I saw that the Lord had sent me to them. They were searching for light and truth, but had gone as far as they could, and were calling upon the Lord continually to open the way before them and send them light and knowledge, that they might know the true way to be saved. I went to work amongst them and ultimately baptized their superintendent, forty preachers and some 600 members. (JD 21:315) The first to be baptized, on the 9th March 1940 was Elizabeth Bromage Collett, mother-in-law to Thomas Oakey. Later on April 5th Wilford Woodruff baptized Thomas and Ann Oakey. Four days later Ann’s sister and brother, Elizabeth and Daniel were baptized with their spouses. Now, armed with the authority to preach he had been seeking, Thomas Oakey began preaching again and baptizing others. He was shortly appointed leader of the small branch of the Church at Frogsmarsh, a small community near Eldersfield. On the 25th of November that same year he baptized his father-in-law William Collett. Ann’s brother, Daniel and his wife Esther Jones left England very soon after their baptism and settled in Nauvoo. They encouraged the rest of the family to join them. Sadly, the Mother, Elizabeth Bromage Collett, the first of the family to have been baptized by Wilford Woodruff, died in Eldersfield one year later, 24 May 1841. Before the others in the family could make the trip to America the Saints had fled Nauvoo and Daniel and Ester were now writing from Salt Lake City encouraging the rest of the family to come there. In the meantime, however, Thomas and Ann Oakey's family had grown to eight living children: Ann Collett (22), Charles (19), Jane (16), Heber Thomas (15), Joseph Lorenzo (12), Rhoda Rebecca (11), Ruben Hyrum (9), and Sarah Ann (4). Two children had died young. Thomas was a hired farmer and had no means to purchase passage for such a large family from England to Salt Lake, and remained on the farm in Eldersfield. Early in the year 1856, however, the word was sent to England that inexpensive travel to Salt Lake City was possible through the Perpetual Emigration Fund if the emigrants would travel from Iowa City with handcarts. Ann’s father William Collett who was 76 years old felt himself too old for the journey. He wanted to stay where his wife was buried. But with their small savings and help from the PEF, the Thomas and Ann Oakey family in the spring of 1856 left the green pastureland of Eldersfield, left Father Collett, and began their momentous journey to Zion. Their funds provided for train passage to Liverpool, where they met up with many other Saints from all over England and also a group of Saints from Denmark. Together they all boarded the ship Thornton for New York City, then took train and steam-boat passage from New York to Iowa City. In Iowa City they helped construct handcarts and sew tents for their family. The leader of their company had been with them from Liverpool. He was returning from a four-year mission in England. His name was Captain James Willey. The family was assigned, to the Willie handcart company. With faith and love for God and the Savior, they were determined to get to Zion. In the deadly Wyoming snows, Ann, who was a nurse, did what she could to help those who were sick. The youngest Oakey daughter, Sarah Ann, later remembered their suffering: There were many people in camp who died but we fared fairly well until we reached the deep snow in Wyoming. Our father froze his feet and hands and his toenails came off. Though the family suffered many hardships we always held our family prayer. Ann Collett Oakey,age 43 had stayed up all night nursing Thomas Oakey, age 42. When Ann called the children she discovered Rhoda's lifeless body. Rhoda had walked the entire distance only to die one hill away from the Valley. 67 people died out of an original company of 500 persons on this journey, little Rhoda was the last to die. Thomas was so sick that Ann had to leave him with Rhoda’s body and take the rest of the family on to the city. When Ann had settled in Salt Lake City, she went back to get the rest of her family. She was allowed to bring Rhoda’s body back and bury her in Salt Lake City. Thomas and Ann suffered many trials and hardships, one of them being, on his family’s overland trek to Salt Lake City in the winter of 1856 Joseph (12 or 13) had gotten separated from his family and ended up being taken in by a family who took pity on the young lad and brought him up as one of their own. His last name was changed to O’Kee. During that time he had married and raised his own family. There are several stories as to the circumstances connected with both his disappearance and how he was located about 20 years later. The following account was written by Mary Ann Passey Oakey: After travelling for some time they were surprised one night to find that their son Joseph, age 13, had disappeared from the company. A search was made, but without success and he was given up as lost. He grew to manhood, served through the Civil War and when President Charles C. Rich, and his son Joseph were east at a family reunion they advertised for him in Iowa, and he was discovered. In April 1876 he came to Paris, Idaho to visit his parents and kindred. After entering the Valley, and enduring many hardships, the Oakey family was reunited with Ann Collett’s brother Daniel. They settled for a few years in Lehi and were then called to help settle the Bear Lake area. Thomas Oakey the preacher of the United Brethren who had been baptized by Elder Wilford Woodruff was ordained a patriarch by President Wilford Woodruff. In recent years, a family member found the site of the unmarked grave of Rhoda Rebecca and placed an appropriate marker on the grave. On the 6th of June, during a family reunion in the Salt Lake Cemetery, Rhoda’s grave was rededicated. The daughter of Thomas and Ann Oakey, Ann Collett, married Charles Price. Their daughter Adeline Price married William Riley Egbert. Their son James Daniel Egbert married Elsie Estella Carson. Their daughter, Thelma Leona Egbert married, Charles Howard Williams, later married Vestal James Empey. Their son James Howard Williams married Colleen Nielsen. And I am the oldest of Jim and Colleen Williams.

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New stuff

I realize that it has been a year since I used this blog last, with Cameron home, I didn't know what to say. Well, I guess I found something to say. Actually I am going to use this blog to keep track of different things I make. I decided I wanted to make a quiet book for our wonderful little grand daughter, Lilly. Here are pictures of what it ended up like.It was so fun to make.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More letters....

Nov. 7
Well, things are going pretty good.
This past weekend was the Montrose Stake's Stake Conference. And they got a new stake Presidency, and as such there were two General Authorities there. Elder Gaveret from Uraguay, and Elder Hillyard from Denver. Elder Gaveret is in the first Quorum of the Seventy and Elder Hillyard is from the sixth Quorum of the Seventy.
It was a good conference. Before the actual Conference they held a special meeting for Investigators close to baptism, recent converts, and members returning to activity. It was good.. and we had a chance to meet the General Authorities. It was neat.

Things with our investigators are doing pretty good.. they all enjoy us coming by and enjoy the lessons.. most of them really want something more in life and know that what we have to share will bring it but they all have a difficult time committing to it and doing the things it takes to grow and increase their faith.
So I am still hoping and praying that I can have one more baptism before I come home. And with the way things are looking that may not happen. But I am fine with it if it doesn't. Its the Lord's will not mine.
And I've noticed that's happened a lot to me. A lot of people I've taught were baptized after I've left... and that's fine.. other missionaries can have that. As long as I know that I had a part of their teaching and learning of the gospel. That's good enough for me!

So these next few weeks I am just going to try and completely wear myself out so I can feel more accomplished when I am on the train and the plane home. I am really looking forward to that time..
I hope that they don't go by too slow or anything.. we'll see...

Well.. I love you all very much and can't wait to see you.
Please take care of yourselves, and don't do more than you should.

I love you.

Your son and brother,

--Elder Cameron Landon

Nov. 14

I saw the picture of the baby.. that's funny.. she's already a photogenic little thing! Haha. I guess you're happy because that means it'll make family pictures a little easier won't it? haha

So we had an awesome lesson this week with Ken Kline.
We were talking with him about how his fasting went for him being able to come to church and for the day he needed to be baptized.
He told us that he was sitting out of his front porch, where he likes to feed and watch birds, while he was thinking about when and if he still should be baptized. He was thinking about how we read the story of when Christ was baptized and how the Holy Ghost descended in the form of a dove. That reminded him that the dove was his mother's favorite bird, and that she passed away on December 24. He's told us before that being with his mother while she passed was one of the most spiritual experiences of his life. And as he is thinking of the dove at Christ's baptism, his own future baptism, and his mother's passing, he looks over and sees a dove sitting on the rail of his porch. And he feels that the dove, or the Spirit told him that he needs to be baptized on the day his mother passed away. So Ken Kline is being baptized on Christmas Eve.

Now for the difficult part.. He wants me to be there. So.. I don't know how I feel about it and I don't know how you feel about it.. but there is a chance I may be away from home on Christmas again this year.. I wanted to talk to you about that.
What are you thoughts on the situation? Should I come, by myself? Is there a way we can all come as a family and possibly have Christmas early, or later, even? I know that there are several families that are willing to let us stay with them and everything.. the Bishop said to just let him know when I talk to you about it...
Any ideas?

Also I got an email from President Maynes today.. and this is what he said.

Elder Landon,
Your ward mission leader told me you are one of the best missionaries he has ever seen. That is a great compliment! I feel the same.
Your fellow servant and friend,
Pres. Maynes

Well.. we actuallly have a lot of people progressing.. I know that I won't be able to see all of them be baptized.. but that's okay with me. I'll just call them and send them a letter/Christmas card, telling them how much I wish I could be there. I'm sure they will understand. I know that it was going to be a tough ordeal to work out but we've still got time to figure it out.

I am very excited to show you all the beautiful places of Colorado.
It is very pretty. I think that my favorite/ the most beautiful place is called Glenwood Springs Canyon. The Interstate I-70 that goes from Grand Junction to Denver drives through it. I am excited to show you. It is beautiful.

So I'm sorry but I've got to go now.. we've got people to teach and things to do.
I love you so very much..

Next week is my last week to email. So it'll be the last time. I hope that i'll be able to talk to you again like this. ..I imagine that I will.
But I love you very much..and can't wait to see you... I'm trying as very hard to not count the days. all I know is that its close.. and sometimes I think its too close.
But that's part of life and especially part of going on a mission.. you've got to go home sometime.

I'll talk to you next week!

Tell everyone I love them!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October 11 to November 1 Letters


Well things have been going pretty good. I hope you all had a happy Halloween!
We had to go in after our dinner appointment last night.. so we did and we carved pumpkins! I LOVE carving pumpkins.. I carved two and Elder Curry carved two and Elder Cook carved one.
The first two pictures are Elder Curry's, and third pic. is Elder Cook's and the last two pumpkins are the ones that I carved.. I thought we all did really good. I was really impressed with how well I did.. I had a lot of fun.
We had a good week last week. The ward had a Halloween potluck/trunk or treat party this past Saturday night. It was a good time.
The whole world was dressed up and they all had different costumes. It was fun.. We couldn't really dress up but we did something anyways.. we didn't dress up but what we did was fun still..
It was funny how I thought of what to do. I was saying my prayer that morning and was going through our plans for the day and whatnot.. and then I just had it come to me.
So we took wire hangers and put them in our ties and bent them in fun shapes.. the kids in the ward thought that it was pretty fun..
Elder Cook, was embarrassed so he put his jacket on as soon as he could.. but his tie was tied in the shape of bow tie. It was neat.
Then this past Sunday the ward had the 5th Sunday lesson. And it was Brother Palmer's (he is our Ward Mission Leader) idea to teach the ward members how to invite their friends. To invite them to meetings, activities, and to learn about the church. And so he taught some of it and then he asked if I would teach the other half. So I did.
I was a little nervous because I had never taught that many people all at once before. The WHOLE ward was there, except for those in the primary. They had the young men and the young women in there as well. So I taught about 100 or more adults and youth how to invite their friends to events.
I got several good comments back and said it went well.. but I thought I could have done better.

So... sad day was on Sunday as well.. it was my LAST fast and testimony meeting as Elder Landon. I knew I had to do it. It was a very realistic feeling.. sad feeling too. I don't want it to end. I'm going to miss these people so much. I'm going to miss teaching people about the Restored Gospel. I can't even imagine what its going to be like... I don't want to come home.

We did have a really good lesson with Ken again.. we fasted with him on Sunday so he can have the opportunity to come to church more regularly. He said that he was preparing to fast but then he said he was going to "take it a step further" and fast for the day that he needed to be baptized on. I was very excited to hear that.
So I am hoping and praying that I'll see him get baptized before I come home. He's such a great guy.

Well.. I love you all very much and can't believe its so soon to coming to a close.. I don't want to believe it but ... its coming nonetheless.

I miss you and can't wait to see you.
Your son and brother,
-Elder Cameron Landon

Dear Family,

So I think we adjusted to having a third wheel fairly quickly. Elder Curry is a great missionary. He's from Mesa, AZ and he's a good worker, which is nice because I know it'll help me stay focused to the end.

Speaking of interviews I am getting recommend renewed because it expires at the end of this month. It'll be nice to have a current one. ;)

We had a GREAT day yesterday! We taught 6 lessons and found two new investigators! Because there are three of us Elder Cook and Elder Curry went to visit some people and Paul (Our Assistant Ward Mission Leader and I went and saw several other people. It was a great day and I am very excited for the new investigators we found.. I feel very strong that they'll be baptized before the end of this transfer.

It amazes me that the Lord sees fit to trust me to help Him in His work!

I'm sorry this email was pretty short but we've got to get back to work.

I love you all and can't wait to hear from you soon!
Thanks for everything!

Your son and brother,
-Elder Cameron Landon

Oct. 18
Dear Family,

So transfers are today. We are emailing really quick to get to Grand Junction by noon.
So sorry but this will be quick and short.
Elder Cook and I are both staying and we are getting a third companion!
That's not a very common occurrence, but I think it will help Elder Cook out once I leave. Our new companion is named Elder Curry, and he's from Phoenix, AZ. That's about all I know about him. He's currently driving with the "Transfer Train" over the mountains to Grand Junction where we'll meet him. From what I've heard he has only been out for two transfers.. so 12 weeks.
Now when a missionary is with his trainer he is being trained, when he gets his second companion or is in his third transfer, he is "follow up trained" not that we are training him but still making sure he is catching on to being a missionary and used to the ropes.
so my last six weeks will be spent training Elder Cook and follow-up training Elder Curry. I guess.. the Lord thinks I can do that.
But I know that President Maynes and the Lord wouldn't have Elder Curry both be taking over the area and follow up training Elder Cook when I leave if Elder Curry weren't an exceptional missionary.
So I am looking forward to meeting him and working hard my last few weeks.

We had a Missionary Fireside this past Friday night where we had a showing of the film The Testaments. We advertised it in several of the local papers (we called it an Open House). And we told all of the members to invite friends and neighbors. There, sadly wasn't as many people there as we would have liked but there were a good amount of non-members in ratio to the amount of people there.
The Young Women's President of the ward brought a 15 year old girl. And she really enjoyed herself. Outside of the chapel that night we set up a table with extra copies of the dvd and a stack of Copies of the Book of Mormon. And as they were leaving she took a Book of Mormon and said she was going to read it.
And then Sunday morning rolls around and she showed up with Sister Gilmore (the YW Pres.) She told us that Katie (the girl) called that morning for the church time and for a ride. So we will be hopefully starting to teach her this week.

We had a chance to do a lot of service last week.. we helped tear a roof off of an addition built on to a trailer home.. and I fell off the roof once and then almost did a second time.. well not necessarily off but through. It was a poorly made roof and it was dry rotted.. but I am fine. I only have a few VERY SMALL scrapes (so don't worry) it could have been a lot worse.. because the one time I did fall I came INCHES from falling on to a big old wood stove... but I am fine so don't worry.
And tomorrow we are helping the Bishop and our Assistant Ward Mission Leader put up sheet rock in an Habitat for Humanity house. I am excited to do that.. It'll be fun.

So I did get my birthday package thank you very much.
But I haven't gotten the Missionary Mall package with that new suit just yet. So we'll see when it comes. I don't know when it'll show up. But I'm not too worried about it.

Well I am sorry but I can't think of anything else to say. I love you all and can't wait to see you.

Please take care!

Love YOU!
-Elder Cameron Landon

Oct. 11
Dear Family,

One "present" I got was the opportunity to speak in sacrament meeting for my birthday. Elder Cook and I were asked to speak. Elder Cook on Doctrine and Covenants Section 4 and myself on "Called to Serve". I enjoy speaking and teaching.. I love talking about the gospel. But I was a little ... not upset .. just surprised when the Bishop was making the announcements before the opening hymn...and his last announcement was "And today is Elder Landon's Birthday." I was surprised and everyone saw the look on my face and I could hear several laughs come from the ward.. I wasn't expecting that to happen.. because not many people knew it was my birthday.

I also wanted to share an experience we had this past week.
We have an investigator named Ken Kline. He has been taught by the missionaries for almost two years. I know that the only reason why he hasn't been baptized is because of his work schedule. He works every Sunday at the Montrose airport. He has been able to attend in the past on an occasion, but not regularly.
Every time we have a lesson with him it is always a spiritual experience. And several lessons ago we introduced and talked more about the principle of fasting, with the intention of fasting with him that the windows of heaven would be opened to allow him to attend church.
This last lesson we had with him we were answering his question from his reading in Alma. And finally at the end he saw that we would shortly have to leave.. and he put down his Book of Mormon and said, "Well, I've decided that I just need to be serious about this and get going with it. What do I need to do to get baptized?"
So we were very excited.. and we started explaining to him the things that need to happen before that takes place. He's been taught all the lessons, so just a going over of those to make sure he understands them, he needs to come to church a few more times, and then I reached into my planner and ripped out at the beginning the baptismal interview questions and handed them to him. Explaining that those are the questions that he would need to know and to have a conviction and testimony of. I also told him to pray about them.
As I handed the paper to him and explained about the interview questions he started to get very emotional and to cry. He then proceeded to tell us that he was praying the night before about if this really was the path that he needed to be on. He told us that the answer he received was that he would be handed a piece of paper and as he prayed about the things written on the paper it would be the things he needed to to do get closer to God.
It was a testimony to me that I never know how the Lord will work. Elder Cook, a recent convert who was with us at the lesson bore our testimonies of baptism, and how the Lord does know us more than we can understand. I told him that the Lord knew him and his trials and his desires.
It was an amazing lesson. I am very excited for this man. He is starting to recognize more and more his faith increasing, his prayers being answered and the path his life needs to be on.

So transfer calls are this coming weekend. I really don't imagine I am leaving but you never know. So next week.. we'll let you know what happens with us. I can't believe how FAST they are going by as they come and go.
I also can't believe that this is my last transfer. I only have 7 more weeks known as Elder Landon.. and that is very sad to me. I don't know if I like that.
I am very excited to be home but I don't want to leave this part of my life..

Also last night we had dinner with some of our ward missionaries.. and after dinner we got permission to watch a film called 17 Miracles. about the Willie Handcart Company.. and there were several families in there that I am curious if I am related to. There was a family with the last name Cunnigham and one with the last name Nielson. I am sure that you would know.. Just wondering.. It was a very good movie. I really enjoyed it.

Well.. things are going very well.. I am excited to be digging deeper to find the gold... and to finish this chapter of my life running. I know that if we work hard that we'll be blessed to have at least three or four baptisms before I go home.
I am also very excited because another missionary and I are planning on taking the train from Grand Junction to Denver when we go home. Those misisonaries that are OutWest are responsible for getting their own ride to Denver the day before their last transfer meeting. So I am going to take the train! I am so excited. Taking an 8 hour train ride through the mountains at the end of November.. it'll be cool.

But again I'll let you know whats going to happen with next transfer .. and I'll let you know next week about those packages.. but like I said they should be in the mail when we get home today. Thanks in advanced for the package and getting my suit situation taken care of. Thanks for the birthday wishes, and prayers.
I love you all

Take care!
-Elder Cameron Landon

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My boy is doing wonderful.

Sept 20.

So things here have been going very well. We're still trying to find some more people to teach and luckily we've got an appointment later today that will help. It'll be our first lesson with a lady and her granddaughter that we met last week.. So I am excited about that.

We had a Zone Conference last friday and it was really good. I enjoyed it very much. It was, sadly, my last one.

So yeah things have been pretty fun chucking hay bales.. and what not. Its been a good experience.
We've been doing a lot of service lately. We will be moving furniture, painting houses, moving wood.. and everything in between.

I taught the Gospel Principles class on Sunday this week. Can I just tell you how much I LOVE doing that! I absolutely love teaching that class. The lesson was on Developing our Talents. It was a topic I'm not accustomed to teaching as a missionary but it ended up being a good message. We even had a couple of nonmember as well as less actives in the class that day. It was good.
I even had several people come up to me and say how much they enjoyed the lesson.. and that I was a good teacher.. I sure hope so.. I just try my best.

Well.. I'm sorry I don't have much to say this week.. just still trucking on.

Oh next Sunday a recent convert, he was baptized in April, has asked that I stand in the circle when he receives the Melchezidek Priesthood at the Stake General Priesthood meeting.I am pretty excited about that. He's a good guy. And he was also just called to be our Assistant Ward Mission Leader.

I love you all very much.
Take Care!

Your son and brother,
-Elder Cameron Landon

Sept. 27
Dear Family,

Well.. this past week was an interesting one. We did a lot of good things..
We did about 12-15 hours of service.
We of course worked at the Ranch with Jeff moving hay bales and cleaning stalls. But we also helped several people either cut or move firewood, we helped replace the skirting around a trailer home.. but when we removed one section of the skirting we noticed that the pipe that was attached to the septic line wasn't connected exactly right the angle was off and as such there was sewage soaked into the ground and small puddle.. so we covered the puddle with enough dirt that we could actually work on the pipe and made some cuts and fixed the "poop-pipe" as it came to be known by.. so that was a messy job... it was a long week.
And besides it being a long week.. Satan was trying very hard to get me discouraged... I am really surprised at how much he really doesn't want this work to come about.. or blind me to the work that has already been done. Like forget about the amazing events that happened this past weekend.

The other thing that was pretty special and I was very thankful to have taken part in was: There is a man that was baptized in Cedaredge back in April and he has been great at helping us teach people.. and going with us to lessons and whatnot. He was even called as our Assistant Ward Mission Leader. Anyways... In the Montrose, CO stake (which we're apart of here) had their Stake Priesthood Meeting and he received the Melchezidek Priesthood.
That was a neat experience.. While we were in the High council room the High councilor asked him who else he wanted to stand in the circle, he pointed to me and asked if I'd come in. He gave me a big hug after it was through.
On our way back to the car, (Montrose is about an hour drive away from Cedaredge) I walked up to him and shook his hand again and said "Its reasons like this that I'm a missionary." and he started crying..

But its true.. this past week has had some amazing events that make me realize that what I am doing is right and that Satan cannot bring me down.. I know these people will be blessed being apart of the True Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that.

Things have been going very well.. I am very excited for General Conference this weekend and a chance to know what the Lord needs ME to work on and how I can continue helping other come unto Christ through Christ, His Atonement, and the restored Gospel. Its going to be good. Can't wait.

Please give everyone my love and tell them I miss them.
I love you.
Talk to you soon.
Your son and brother,
-Elder Cameron Landon

October 4
Dear Family,

I loved General Conference this past weekend. It was nice to know that Heavenly Father knows ME.. and my family. I can remember several talks that I know were inspired because of me and my life as well as the lives of my family and investigators. It was great I loved it.

Elder Cook was pretty dang excited when Pres. Monson announced there being a Temple built in Wyoming. All of the Temples announced I thought were pretty excited. A second one in Provo, Paris, France! that's really exciting.

Things have been going pretty good. I am very excited for the weather to start cooling down. October is my Favorite month of the year. I love the colors and everything. The colors of the Grand Mesa in the background and all the trees changing here make Cedaredge a beautiful place to serve. I love it.

We are still trucking along and trying to get our investigators to make and keep those commitments that I know will help them come closer to Christ. But sometimes..they just don't get it! Its frustrating sometimes.. if only they knew! But that's what I am trying to do to help them come unto Christ.

Well.. sorry but I've got to go we have an appointment soon.
I love you all so very much. Please know you are always in my prayers.
Your son and brother,
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